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The Calm Zabuton - Luxe

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The Calm Zabuton cradles and cushions the ankles and seat during your seated postures. This slight elevation helps you sit up taller and more comfortably whether sitting in your home or falling deep into a zen-meditation practice. With added height and filled with strong cotton batting-- the Calm Zabuton was made and built to last. 


Dimensions: 24" x 30" x 2.5"

Weight: 5.6lbs

Materials: Varies based on variant. Interior - cotton fill, cotton encasing

Care: Machine Wash Cold. Gentle Wash. Hang to Dry. Do Not Bleach


Royal Suede | inspired by the lux texture of suede and the beauty of a deep royal blue - you will find yourself continuously stroking this silky soft cover. Think velvet, meets suede, meets your favorite comfy couch or blanket!

Blush | inspired by the hue of a soft pink rose - this abstract geometric style print is soft to the touch. This textile adds coziness and warmth to any practice.

Cloud | inspired by watercolor skies - cloud has a velvety, shimmery feel. Undertones of green, yellow, grey and blue.

Shadow | inspired by a calm and serene dimly lit space - this upholstery style and weight cover is soft to the touch. Dirt and dust are well hidden on this textured cool grey tone.

Zen Garden | Inspired by urban Japanese spaces that evoke a modern and minimal energy, Zen Garden will help you dedicate time and energy to moments of zen.