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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping through the state, country and world; certain products may be delayed. Some items may be in low production from the supplier and we have a very limited amount of supplies in our own inventory. With this in mind, please be patient as we are constantly looking for avenues to meet the demand for supplies. Thank you so much for your cooperation. Shipments roll out on Tuesdays and Thursdays from USPS.

Welcome to Yoga Loft MB Store

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It's PRIDE month hennies!! We want to wish you all a very gay and queer June so we are sending out big, HUGE, fat juicy discounts every week on our newsletter!! If you haven't signed up or turned off your notifications for it, well then you're losing out to special discounts up to 55% off .... just saying!

Navigate the all new Yoga Loft MB Online store. Find what you need easily in our new collections list with NEW amazing products by BYoga that brings high end quality and luxury to your at home practice, meditation, restoration and wellness. Get $20.21 off from spending $100 with code:2021Promo1 or get $50.21 off from spending $250 with code:2021Promo2 to bring you good luck and fortune ALL. YEAR. LONG!

Words of wisdom ... ANY discount, code or automatic DO NOT stack together. Which means, be smart and strategic with your buying. Some of these discounts are better than the other and that is up to you to figure out. Make it work, Good Luck!!

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